Dear Game Designers,

If you are going to put an enormous monster skeleton in a game that has you primarily defeating monsters, please make sure there is an alive monster of similar size (or larger) in your game. Towering bones should be an example of what the player can accomplish, not just long-past lore padding. 



apartment hunting tomorrow

I teleported Brad.

I teleported Brad.

brb, moving to Ontario

Job interview tomorrow morning which may result to me suddenly moving to Ontario. Wish me luck.

Calling all New Zealanders with Androids!

Speaking of kiwis, are any of you folks New Zealanders with Android phones? And also interested in testing out a free-to-play game I did music for?


At Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Center in New Zealand, the season’s first North Island Brown Kiwi chick has hatched! The chick, pictured at six days old, will be released into a wildlife reserve in about six to eight months. The chick is being fed its first meal of beef heart strips. Staff at Pukaha Mount Bruce nursery expect to raise about 20 endangered Kiwi chicks for release during this hatching season. 

Learn more about these endangered birds at Zooborns.

Little known fact, this is my favourite animal.

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so fun facts
y’know how one of the songs on lofam3 is named [720413]
that was actually a clerical error
it was placed in brackets so it would align properly on the google doc and when i left the project i forgot about that
so that’s how that happened

you know I wondered about that, if the brackets were Lark’s idea or what

Haha WOOPS! I had no idea, I just put what was in the doc in the commentary booklet and on the Bandcamp.

Last week (probably) on my current job.

Then I can finally start looking for another one playing through my backlog of games!