I started playing Persona 4 a few days ago.

By sheer coincidence, the day I downloaded it was the same date as the in-game calendar (though the weekdays don’t line up). As such, I’ve arbitrarily decided to play it in “real time” for as long as it is possible to do so, not progressing past the current date.

Sorry in advance for the Homestuck Spam.


Anonymous asked: Every time I go to the City of Reality homepage and see that holiday page, I die a little more inside.


Ack, can’t have that! I’ll be uploading this bit of WIP show there just to show that the train is moving again. Got the final scripts ready, the sketch phase done, and redid much of the pages that had technical difficulties.


Since it’s been awhile, also doing a ‘Previously on Reality’ page to remind everyone where we were. Also, gonna stop flailin’ on it and put a date down.

Reality will come back on April 7th! First, with a MWF week where I split up one large page, and then going to do a T/Th schedule for the rest.


Have I told my followers to read City of Reality yet this week?

Totally pumped for new updates!


REQUEST CONTEST WINNER! Congratulations Zollgax!!!! Your entry was randomly selected to be drawn! Sorry it took a while. This was very fun to draw when I finally got around to it. I’m definitely putting it in my portfolio. Hope you like it, and thanks again for following. 

To everybody else that entered, thanks, and there will be another contest in the future….


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what malarkey

Somehow reminds me of this guy.


what malarkey

I think he likes you.

Somehow reminds me of this guy.


I sat here for like 5 minutes and could not possibly think of something to say here other than: Enjoy.

The sparkly buttock is a nice touch.

Tolerance and empathy are essential for meaningful discourse, Tumblr.

Try them out.


But my absolute all-time #1 favourite NFB animation is The Big Snit by Richard Condie.  This video reduces me to tears every time I watch it.  TEARS OF HILARIOUS LAUGHTER 

This short is an essential piece of Canadian culture and animation history.

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