Brad Likes Webcomics #2: The City of Reality

Adventurous kids, imperfect superheroes, thrill seeking dragons, scientist frogs, sock puppet mayors, unbeatable robbers, deranged witches, devices that alter time and space, gritty vigilantes, heartless warlocks, giant dinosaurs…

You know, the usual.
I don’t quite remember how I first heard of Ian Samson’s “City of Reality”, but from day one I was utterly enchanted. The vibrant, cartoony style initially drew me in, but I stayed for the sheer fantasticalness.

Beyond what is written above, there’s not much I can say about the story or characters without robbing potential readers of the experience. So much of the wonder is from discovering the comic’s world through fresh eyes. 

Samson employs unconventional methods unique to his medium in order to create greater immersion and stronger reader investment: interactive “click here!” buttons, a branching choose-your-own-adventure chapter… One volume even had its archives permanently changed as a result of in-comic time travel. The latest updates masterfully combine Yves Bigerel’s digital comic techniques with basic animation principles, so clicking through the pages almost feels like watching a cartoon!

If you enjoy adventure, magical worlds, dynamic characters, and pure optimism, I can’t recommend it strongly enough.


(P.S. If you enjoy any comic I suggest here, or want to suggest a comic you’d like me to read, I’d love to hear from ya! Feel free to drop me a message and we can geek out together!)

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