Brad Likes Webcomics #4: Sam & Fuzzy

Sam Logan’s Sam & Fuzzy is a comedic serial adventure comic that’s been running for about ten years. It follows the lives of everyman Sam (former taxi driver thrust into power as a lead mafioso) and Fuzzy (his sociopathic anthropomorphic bear buddy), and their undertakings amidst the strange, paranormal, and just plain kooky.

He wears a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

The comic started off with gag-a-day type humour, and slowly wove itself into an epic. The writing is largely character-driven, with Sam playing the straight man to Fuzzy’s over-the-top antics. While the narrative never gets overly complex, things do get weird. To give you an idea, the latest update has Sam tracking down the leader of a gerbil gang in order to stop a giant mutated goldfish.

Admittedly, when I first started reading, the art kind of turned me away. Fortunately, it has improved substantially over the comic’s span, while retaining the familiarity of the early character designs. The poses and expressions have become varied and strong. Due to the comic being is rendered in black and white, the lighting is often high contrast and dynamic. (Note: While it used to be exclusively black/white, Logan has started using a midtone grey for extra definition in the more recent volumes.)

On his “new reader” page, the author recommends starting here, and checking out the earlier chapters if you like it. I personally suggest beginning closer to the beginning, so as to catch more of the early hints and callbacks.


Fun Facts:

• Sam Logan has a second Tumblr-only webcomic called “Skull Panda Loves Everything”, drawn by his indie persona “Rikk Estoban”. These comics are fantastic and get nowhere near enough notes.

• Logan updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday like clockwork. I can only recall once that he’s “missed” an update. In the world of webcomics, that’s a very rare thing.

• Whenever he needs a week off, almost all his guest comics come from amazing folks. Since most of you are also MSPA fans, it’s worth mentioning that Andrew Hussie did a guest comic for him.

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