Brad Likes Webcomics: Starslip

Hey folks, still don’t have my own computer so I’m bumming my dad’s to write this.

It’s incredibly common for webcomics to just stop updating when their creators grow tired of them, so I wanted to give a shout out to a recently “finished” comic. 

Kris Straub’s sci-fi epic Starslip (formerly Starslip Crisis/Starshift Crisis) was a M/W/F adventure comic following the space-journeys of a space-museum curator and his space-crew. Starslip ran for 7 years, and ended June 15, 2012. While it didn’t break  much new ground, Starslip had a very consistent update schedule, unique characters, and contained many a sweet homage to sci-fi’s greats. Plus “Starslip Drive” is a clever concept.

Kris Straub has been a pretty big name in webcomics for a while, with such titles as Checkerboard Nightmare, Time Friends, and F Chords under his belt. His legacy continues with chainsawsuit. He also co-stars in two web series with Scott Kurtz (of PvP).

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