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hello again, random 4:00am music inspiration



Some music I made for Prequel. This was a fun one!

Eston more like BESTon

Doomed Timeline theme from Sburb OST.
Original composition by ThiefOfTruth.

Art by Manyan and melodiousDiscord.

Get the full OST for FREE at

The [Super-Unofficial] Sburb OST: DLC Pack

A steaming pile of rank old remixes and arrangements of tracks from the SBURB OST fan music album. Many of these were made during the development of the OST proper. It’s fan music of fan music! 

11 tracks! Almost 20 whole minutes of content! Download here!

This is a FREE fan album fan album and is NOT OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED by Andrew Hussie or What Pumpkin.
Edit: Torrent and Magnet in case free downloads run out

SBURB OST is out now!


That’s right it’s FINALLY OUT!

This labour of love for the past year and a bit has finally completed and is ready for your viewing pleasure!

What would happen if Sburb was released with a generic soundtrack for everyone, like any other game? This was a question that we sought to answer with  this unoffical Homestuck album. It features 56 jingles and tracks for your ears by 20 different musicians, including music team members Jeremy Iamurri (Solatrus) and Michael Bowman! All of the track art has been lovingly created by over 24 artists, including art team member Tavia Morra.

There are people seeding the album already so feel free to use the torrent link provided, or if you prefer, the DDL links will be out soon. There will also be a bunch of additional DLC for you to peruse, with even more coming on the way! So watch this space and we’ll let you know when that comes out.

We hope you enjoy!

We’d also like to extend a great number of thanks to AndrewNeo for allowing us to use for hosting this new method of fan-album distribution. Thanks! The website will be out as soon as we can.

Thanks to everybody involved in this project! We’ve all been working hard on this since last year. Please feel free to give it a listen! If you enjoy it, signal boosts are appreciated!


that’s basically it folks



that’s basically it folks


Laser Bullets Everywhere!

Buddy of mine wanted music for a prototype of an “R-Type”-esque shooter game. Didn’t have anything that fit so I whipped this up in about an hour or so.

Looping version on Newgrounds.

TitleLaser Bullets Everywhere!
AlbumUnused Tracks

To all the people with music they need to work on: