beat-bro asked: The haikus in the liner notes for SBURB OST are killing me! What a clever way to fill in the gaps between notes.

Thanks for noticing!

Most folks don’t even bother

reading the booklet.


Hey guys!! Do you Homestucks remember when I made this thing?? (Picture down below)

Well over the last few weeks a close friend of mine named Taylor (myworldvsyours) and I worked on this project (as seen above in the video) as an improvement over what I made many months ago. We really hope you guys enjoy this, cause I know a lot of you enjoyed the picture/flash version. Now have a full video and intro!!

Credits: Anyway!! Songs used are SBURBan Prelude [Main Menu] from the Fan SBURB OST. Which can be found here: [link], as well as Waiting For Adventure [Loading Screen] which can be found here: [link]

Creds to the guys who made the song and album art!!
rundoublerun made the album art for both the Main Menu and Options theme from the SBURB fanost—his art blog can be found here!!

normal blog: [link]
art blog: [link]

Tavia Morra made the album art for the song Waiting For Adventure. (If I have the wrong blog I am so sorry!! I think it’s the right one ;; )

Aidan/Alex aka Soberlex made the SBURBan Prelude theme! His blog can be found here~ [link]

Bowman made the Waiting For Adventure theme! [link]

And of course all creds for SBURB and Homestuck go to the wonderful Andrew Hussie and his genius…ness.


Hope you guys enjoy!!

Rebloggin’ for my Sburb OST buds.

Pretty cool!

A Christmas cover of Sburb OST’s Universe Creation theme by Max “Imbrog” Wright.
From my [Super Unofficial Album] Sburb OST Bonus DLC!

Originally a take on Crazy-8's “Skaia” WIP, this evolved into a loose medley of other Sburb OST songs.

Get the full OST for FREE at

Doomed Timeline theme from Sburb OST.
Original composition by ThiefOfTruth.

Art by Manyan and melodiousDiscord.

Get the full OST for FREE at

Oracle Cloud theme from the Sburb OST.
Inspired heavily by that one song in Mario 64.
You know the one.

Art by Tavia Morra.

Get the full OST for free here!

God Tier theme from the Sburb OST.
What’s fun is death without resurrection, eh?

Art by Kate Holden.

Get the full OST for FREE at

Game Over theme I did for the Sburb OST.
The rain and thunder might have been a little cheesy, but I like it. :)

Art by Nurse Tiger.

Get the full OST at

"Labs" theme from the Sburb OST.
Quotes the Veil theme “Outer Reaches" by Charles “Crazy-8” Neudorf.

Art by Tarranon.

The [Super-Unofficial] Sburb OST: DLC Pack

A steaming pile of rank old remixes and arrangements of tracks from the SBURB OST fan music album. Many of these were made during the development of the OST proper. It’s fan music of fan music! 

11 tracks! Almost 20 whole minutes of content! Download here!

This is a FREE fan album fan album and is NOT OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED by Andrew Hussie or What Pumpkin.
Edit: Torrent and Magnet in case free downloads run out