Land of Fans and Music - Sburban Piano Doctor (by iStarfruit)

Oh my goodness. This is the greatest thing ever!

Hooray! I guess I’m famous enough now to get my music misattributed.

iStarfruit did upload this song to YouTube, but specified in the description that they didn’t make it.

Honest mistake, but please be more thorough with your sourcing in the future. :)

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Hey, check out this remix of Doctor I made! — Every Homestuck musician ever, fan or otherwise. (via doublejoeseven)

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I don’t really know all the ins and outs of “reblogging” etiquette yet, but here’s a repeat of the thing I already posted, posted elsewhere by somebody else. That’s pretty neat!

Edit: Also THIS is a slightly updated version of that track if anybody cares.

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There was a rad Homestuck fan album that released a few months ago with a ton of free tracks on it. This was my musical contribution. I also did the track art for Joker Strife, Clockbreaker, and Starkind.